The Cabin

Two players, stuck in the cold north. How can they survive till help arrives?

This was one of the rapid prototyping projects I took part in creating, during the Gameprototyping course, each of them where created in a week

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This weeks prototype was an excercise in moving from an experience into a game which would try to invoke that feeling in a person.
The prototype was created in collaboration with August Almgren, Jaime Moredeco March and Liva Stubbe Teglbjærg.


The game asks a seemingly simple task of the players, they are to try to survive for 15 days in the middle of nowhere with nothing but each other.

The gameplay

The game runs as a series of loops, each loop representing a day. During the day the players can wander around to wind resources and will be asked to make choices depending on their location. During the night the players will be able to see what they have in store, what has been collected during the day, and which resources has been used.

Players make their choice by clicking the specified buttons, no notice is given to indicate what choice was made for the other player.


The game is controlled by either two Xbox controllers or the wasd and arrow keys for movement and 1,2,3 and 4 plus 7,8,9 and 0 for making choices.

The loops

Resource screen – we see what resources we have left and how the players feel

Day screen – the players move about and get options for what actions they will do

Summary – what has happened during the day is only shown through changing the stats and resources of the players

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The feeling

The feeling we were aiming for was dread, or a sense of distrust. We tried to achieve this b making the players slowly realize that they at some point would have to betray one another to survive but not know who breaks first. It turned out a bit messy but the general idea is there.