From April 2022 I have worked for Level Up Garage Aps, on the award winning game, SpotRacers.

Doctor Who – Worlds Apart

Since December 2020, I’ve been working for Reality Gaming Group as a Unity Developer. Here I’m working on the curr

The +1 Party

You are having a party, but it seems the 'plus one option' got used a bit freely. How long can you last before they wreck your


During the corona crisis I’ve been working on this game project with Nikolaj Licht. Though we’re not quite ready t


Me and k0cc4 sat down during the CoV-19 crisis of 2020, and jammed over the internet. We participated in Mini Jam 50: Islands.

Behind The Door

I made this Game in collaboration with k0cc4, and some other friends for the Level one Jam 2020. It’s a simple walking s


Made in collaboration with k0cc4 for Mini Jam 46: Justice. The Limitation for this Mini jam was 5 colors: Only 5 distinct colo

Janky’s Underwater Adventure

For Minigamejam 33 in 2019 I participarted along with a friend i met during my time in DADIU. We ended out creating a small pl

OHS Games

OHS Games is a collection of small mini games with the theme of occupational health and safety. This project was made while wo


Created for Nordic Game Jam 2019. ‘Blind’ is a horror game, in which the player takes the perspective of a blind person.

Heartfelt – DADIU

During the fall semester of 2018, I worked under DADIU, a collaboration between lots of Danish educational places. During this

Space mining simulation

During a shader programming course we where asked to produce something to show off what we had learned, and try something new

Tasting Menu

During the 4 months of the Spring semester 2018 I worked together with Kasper Kempf, Luisa Zurlo, Nicola Zaltron, Nikolaj Lich

Uranus attacks

During a class on game engines, where were tasked with writing most of a game engine, the only part left out was the rendering

The Cabin

This was one of the rapid prototyping projects I took part in creating, during the Gameprototyping course, each of them where