Space mining simulation

Sun, planet and the spaceship.

During a shader programming course we where asked to produce something to show off what we had learned, and try something new as well.

Written in Javascript using WebGL and GLSL this game is a small experience of flying a spacecraft and blowing up asteroids.
Gameplay wise it is not a very impressive game at all, but it’s not really a problem, seeing as the project was simply an exercise in shaders.

For this project I implemented:

  • A blinn-Phong Lighting model.
  • Matcap shading (for the mineral/ores)
  • A volumetric explosion shader
  • An outline Shader
  • A procedural planet terrain/landmass shader
Asteroids and a fiery lava planet animating over time, the textures are procedurally changing glowing.

You can read the report or try out the game for yourself.